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"Haven't We Been Here Before" by Styx

That was the song the lyrics came from, you artless hosers. :D

Anyway, two things. I put up GrapeRoad and chexov's Flash animation. Go take a look at that; another disturbingly large update is coming soon.

Second, Picky's taking a sabbatical until August 5, it seems, and I'm in charge of PiXor in his abscence (besides who knows what all else). So, without further ado, here are the #moonside stats!

If I get a bunch of people asking me to start up the lyric trivia game again, I will, but I don't think that's going to be happening anytime soon...

Posted by DarthAndonuts   July 21 4:44:33 EDT

Poll stuff

Eh, I've been a bad boy.
I was supposed to upload the 2nd poll question stuff some number of weeks ago, but I haven't.
And I can't now, until Monday...
(*kills ISP*) Anyway, I've started writing a new poll script better than the one that I made for this site months back which is the one we are using now
So enjoy, even though no one cares about polls. Except maybe Bloop182..

Posted by Orbfighter   July 20 9:13:37 EDT

Season 2, Episode 9!

Yay! A new, fun-filled Episode of Survivor! Read 'em and weep!

Posted by SLing   July 20 8:59:33 EDT

Hello and goodbye

Shall I?

Anyway, I updated Mother2 section, just like Carpainter asked. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to do the news in there, so I'll have to fix that later. Go check out the Misc. section, I upload a whole bunch of Often overlooked images fro, the EarthBound Player's guide(And horribly destroyed the robot one. Ouch)

I need help with the next section I want to get up: Sprites. If you could go through and take pictures of different sprites, maybe even animate them as .gifs I'll give you a Chaos Cookie.

Posted by GrapeRoad   July 20 9:04:14 EDT

You have been doomed!

That's right, I can update now! This means that you have been doomed! And that the Mother 2 section will be updated, prolly tomorrow. Eh, Yeah. On the plus side, doom now comes in 4 flavors: Doom, D00M, DooM, and DOM.
/doom Unfinished EarthBound Section

Posted by GrapeRoad   July 19 4:12:30 EDT

The Anniversary of a Great One's Death

It has been 18 years since a great wrestler was murdered... Yesterday was the 18th year since it happened.

Frank Goodish a.k.a. Bruiser Brody was murdered in a Puerto Rican locker room on July 17, 1988, the victim of several stab wounds to the stomach. Jose Gonzalez was charged with the murder. The news of Brody's murder sent shockwaves through the world of wrestling, and everyone wanted to know just why someone would murder the well-liked (among his fellow wrestlers) Brody. Tony Atlas witnessed the murder take place while in the same locker room. In a statement to police at the time, Atlas told the authorities that Gonzalez had approached Brody (after a series of real-life confrontations between Brody-Gonzalez) in the shower with a long, concealed hunting knife and stabbed Goodish in the torso several times. Atlas would refuse to testify at the trial though, and Gonzalez was eventually acquitted. Brody's family attorney was quoted at the time saying that Atlas refused extradition (he was allowed to do so on a technicality) and that the case had depended entirely on his testimony. Without Atlas, they had no case.

Quoted from: Some Site I found on Yahoo.

Posted by Carpainter   July 18 8:35:42 EDT


Seems like it sometimes, at least.

Anyway, I have a profanely huge Fanart update this early morning. I have 5 pieces from Dr. Distorto (who now has his own individual gallery due to his productivity), 3 from Captain_Strong (you simply have to check his "art" out at least once), 1 from MadDuck, and one from GrapeRoad and chexov that sadly is not displaying properly. Please contact me about that, GrapeRoad.

On the song lyric front:
The band that this song comes from was one of the most popular rock bands of the late 70's and early 80's. The highly innovative and controversial album the song comes from was the second of three consecutive multi-platinum albums. Hope that's enough.

Also, I got a very large amount of art this time, so if I didn't upload yours, please tell me and I'll be sure to put it up in the next update.

Posted by DarthAndonuts   July 18 2:25:24 EDT

Hi People

I am the new Caption Contest Guy, Jeb should be seting up my FTP access soon so i can up date ASAP. The Caption Contest should start sometime around the end of July. I'll have rules and junk like that up later. I will see ya guys later.

Posted by Capt. Strong   July 17 5:57:52 EDT


I updated merchandise on the day I was supposed to! Which is like a miracle. Normally I will list new things here but theres like 15 of them because this is the first Merchandise update in 2 months. Anyway go bid on stuff.

Posted by Bloop182   July 17 3:47:30 EDT

I cant read it but I know its funny!

I updated the Guidebooks section with a few new guidebooks and pics. I also rearranged it for better reading of each individual guidebook. Next update I will release the full Mother 1 guides that I scanned. The reason I am not releasing them now is because I forgot to upload a few pages.

I added a link to Sling's new >Eight Melodies Dance Remix 2 in the Other Music section. I thought the first one was good.

And if your wondering about the EarthBound Zero Online Guide, I wont have a preview up for awhile because it might have its own section soon.

Now go back and look at the Japanese Mother 2 comic! MWHAHAHAHA! Its even funnier the second time! Its a good idea Jeb2!

Posted by ShadowX   July 17 2:22:49 EDT

Season 2, Episode 8!

I know I said I'd start taking applications for Survivor 3, but right now I'm really busy to make a page for it... So, for now I'll just show you our new episode, and hope you'll take that!

I'm also going to be updating the survivor page, that is when I can get my FTP program to work.

Posted by SLing   July 16 8:22:06 EDT

It's time like this that try men's souls...

Ack! I'm posting an update and I haven't in awhile. Weird huh? Well I have some great news everyone. First of all, I'm redesigning Moonside.Net, it'll be done very soon. Next, the banner contest will be posted within the next two days. Sorry for delays... And finally, the Moonside.Net Merchandise will be arriving soon, so be sure to check out the main page every now and then. That's about it. zOOm!

Posted by Jeb2   July 16 4:24:02 EDT

So tonight, hold me close to you...

and don't give up what's important to you.

I updated Fanart once again. Dr. Distorto sent in three more pictures, giving him the largest Fan Art gallery on MS.Net as of now. Good job!

In other news, Picky was the first person to correctly name the lyrics of the previous update to be from "All That Is Good" by Five Iron Frenzy, though reidman also gets partial credit for sending me a e-mail before Picky saying, "Five Iron Frenzy, w00t!"

Well, guess what song the two lines above come from, and send your answers to me. I'll put your name up in the next update, and I may be able to come up with something extra...

Posted by DarthAndonuts   July 15 4:59:34 EDT


Well, I got some bad news, guys. Well, here's the not-so-bad one: I'm not the fanfics person anymore...Cyan is. Well, it seems Cyan asked Jeb to be the fanfics person a long time ago, and was forgotten about. Well, Jeb let him have the fanfics back. However, Jeb is letting me do a little contest similar to fanfics...a short story contest! Hopefully, we'll get that worked out soon.

The other news is that I'll be away for a few days. I have to go to Philadelphia tomorrow for a funeral. I'll be back by Thursday. So, if anyone's got news on the new contest, or just anything important, e-mail me and I'll get back to you when I can.

(About the contest...I did hear that it was talked about at Starmen.Net in the SM.Net Discussion Forum. However, I never knew about it...I'm never in the SM.Net Discussion Forum! :D)

Posted by Scizordramon   July 15 12:23:29 EDT


Well I have this weeks stats up so be happy. I have to go to sleep now so goodnight.

Posted by Picky   July 14 11:24:23 EDT

Go go one flamingo

Well I'm your new Merchandise guy (and I have been for a month). I would have updated before but I was on vacation. Now that I'm back I decided to tell you that... I'm... back. Actually Carpainter and Jeb have decided I'll tell you, but that's not the point. The point is I have decided to try to update every Tuesday. Because no one updates on Tuesday and it'll make me feel special... (and if there is someone who updates on Tuesday I will kill them so I will be the only one. MWAHAHA.)

Posted by Bloop182   July 14 12:09:13 EDT

Say "Bye-bye" to Yutz

Yeah, I made my last Flukes update for a little while today. I am leaving tomorrow for a trip and will be gone a whole week, so there will be no updates either. I will just have to do a triple update on the 24th.

Well, see ya! (haha! freedom! freeeeeeeeedoooooooom!)

[EDIT:] Oh yeah, be sure to go and try your luck here while I'm gone ;)

Posted by Yutz   July 13 9:41:31 EDT

Apocalypse Wow!

Mailbag is updated. You didn't meet the quota. May the giant doom sponges suck your water supply dry.

Posted by Rune   July 13 8:20:24 EDT

Episode 7 MADNESS!

Another 'Fun Filled' Episode of survivor! Read it and weep, kiddies! I mean it, it was sad Oh great, you made me break out the UBB smilies. Evil you.

Posted by SLing   July 13 8:13:03 EDT

Where's The Where's Ness maintainer? There he is!

Yes! I am Carpy. The new WN maintainer. Send me in entries now so I can make Jim and Darth look bad ;)

Posted by Carpainter   July 13 5:34:30 EDT

"Don't poke the tivu"

You know, I heard that at another message board, and I'm still not sure what that means...

Anyway, this isn't really much of an update, just news. Jeb just came back yesterday, and today, he told me he was setting up the FTP for the fanfic page. If he is indeed working on it, it SHOULD be up in a few days. FTP is crazy, man! Either that or Angelfire spoiled me rotten. Probably the latter. This is good news anyways, 'cause I already got two fics to put up...four if you count the three individual parts the one fic has! O_O


(Oh, yes. Yutz, check your e-mail...I sent you my pre-made icon a few days ago. It's already animated and everything.)

Posted by Scizordramon   July 13 1:39:02 EDT

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